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How does Happi ensure the quality of responses?

The application will detect when people are completing surveys too quickly or giving responses consistent with lack of genuine consideration. Each time the app detects that a user is responding too quickly, giving inconsistent answers, responding positively to obviously false questions, or just “straight lining” (picking the same ordered response on every question), you will receive a pop-up that tells you have received a demerit. When you reach a certain number of demerits (different by country), you will be put on time out for 3 months. You won’t get any questions and you will forfeit your chance to win any of the prizes you have already smiled at.  We will inform the partner you support that you are on time-out and not currently able to increase their funding. 

It doesn’t take any more time or effort to give an honest answer than a dishonest one, and Happi’s survival depends on the quality of our data. So, please give honest answers and give Happi a chance to continue sending money to worthy causes and prizes to people around the world. "Everyone Wins!" is our motto, and we genuinely believe it. However, if a user gives dishonest answers, eveyone loses. So, when we find people who behave that way, we must protect the group by isolating and removing that individual.